Musculoskeletal (Biomechanics) appointment

This involves a full assessment of how your feet and lower limbs function. You will be assessed both static weight bearing and non-weight bearing and also in dynamic gait. The results will give an indication as to why a deformity may be occurring (bunions, claw toes, flat feet etc) or why certain pain is developing (forefoot/heel/ankle/knee or hip pain). Sports injuries and stresses are also assessed in this manner.

Treatment will include footwear and exercise advice. Simple exercises to help alleviate symptoms or strengthen the ligaments, tendons or muscles can also be demonstrated for you to complete at home.

The prescription and provision of orthotics and other individual appliances may be required to address any structural imbalances affecting the function of the feet and legs. Orthotics are custom made insoles that are worn inside your shoes. A wide range of orthotics are available, enabling the best option for your foot problem to be sought.